The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General has established a Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat to coordinate the development of a provincial regulatory framework. The Secretariat also represents B.C. on Federal/Provincial/Territorial and related issue-specific working groups.

Under the Cannabis Act:

  • the federal government is responsible for overseeing the production and manufacturing components of the cannabis framework and setting industry-wide rules and standards.
  • each province and territory is responsible for regulating the sale and distribution of cannabis within their jurisdictions and will determine places where cannabis can be consumed.

There are also areas where the federal government has set minimum standards and left it open to the provinces and territories to exercise their authority to implement further restrictions as they see fit. This includes:

  • minimum age;
  • drug-impaired driving;
  • personal possession limits; and
  • personal cultivation.

To help ensure that our provincial non-medical cannabis regulatory system reflects the needs and values of British Columbians, government sought feedback on the following issues:

  • minimum age;
  • personal possession limits;
  • public consumption;
  • drug impaired driving;
  • personal cultivation; and
  • distribution and retail models.

Results from the public and stakeholder engagement have been compiled and can be found in the Cannabis Regulation in B.C. What We Heard Report.