The salmon run has begun in BC Parks

Ah autumn – cooler weather, brilliant colours, shorter days and the heady scent of the earth as it prepares itself for winter.  The change in seasons brings with it the chance to witness one of nature’s more poignant spectacles – the salmon run. Each year, in rivers and waterways across BC, thousands upon thousands of … Continued

Bear Viewing in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park

The changing seasons bring with them changing opportunities to experience wildlife and connect with nature in our parks. As the summer comes to a close, nature begins its autumnal preparations for winter. With autumn comes spawning salmon. With salmon come bears. With bears come…people – from far and wide, hoping to get a chance to … Continued

Summer Hikes with the Elk River Alliance: Elk Lakes Provincial Park

Blog post adapted from Fernie Fix Magazine. Submitted by Lee-Anne Walker to FernieFix. My world turned upside down when my mother died. We had a special bond and the pain of her loss was unbearable as her birthday approached in late September 2011. To cope with the stress I escaped with my husband to the tranquility … Continued

Hiking in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

Guest blog post by Iain Robert Reid Photography The air is thick with salt, huge coniferous trees tower above, and coastal canyons wind their way down to the sea where thunderous waves crash on shore. This is Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, an extraordinary coastal experience. Every time I’ve been to this park I’ve discovered … Continued

Stop Doing It For The Gram.

Guest blog post from Ally Pintucci from Chasing Sunrise For anyone that knows me, you read this title and probably think those words would never come out of my mouth. I’m an active photographer who, in fact, shoots content for “the gram” all day, everyday. My 9-5 is a social media manager and photographer for … Continued

6 tips for adventuring at Raft Cove Provincial Park

There are lots of amazing places in the province that are suited to quick day-hikes or short weekend trips- and there are others that require some extra time. If you live anywhere south of Campbell River, Raft Cove is one of those places that requires some determination to get to, but is worth the journey … Continued

British Columbia’s Marine Parks Make Boat-Camping Easy

Blog post by: Michael McLaughlin from AHOY BC The first time I heard the expression “marine park” I pictured some shallow water area with lots of starfish.  A marine park was a chunk of water, right?  Fancifully, I imagined under-water interpretive signs, that one could read, I suppose, if they could hold their breath long … Continued

10 tips for camping with a toddler

Prior to having children, we considered ourselves avid campers and BC Parks explorers. When our daughter was two years old we planned an amazing ten day trip to Cortes Island at Smelt Bay Provincial Park. Below are our top 10 tips for car-camping with toddlers: A hammock. Makes for a great swing, a great place … Continued

Horseback Riding in BC Parks

With the onset of spring, visitors are coming back into our provincial parks to enjoy the amazing recreation opportunities that BC Parks have to offer. One very popular recreation opportunity is horseback riding!  Pristine wilderness, old-growth forest, secluded lakes and rivers, snow-dusted mountain peaks, these are the types of vistas visitors may encounter while in … Continued

Top 10 tips for hiking with a baby

Last September we took our 11 month old son on his first big hiking trip: an 8 hour day hike around the “Rim” in Cathedral Provincial Park from Quiniscoe Lake (Cathedral Lakes Lodge) to Pyramid Lake, Devil’s woodpile, Stone City, Smokey the Bear and back down through Ladyslipper Lake to Cathedral Lakes Lodge. In my … Continued