BC Stats Launches New Website

Posted by Loren Mullane on behalf of the DataBC Team

BC Stats launched a revamped website on February 20th. Today we sit down with Davin Greenwell, Web and Marketing Manager for BC Stats, to talk about the change.


Thanks for meeting with us today Davin. Congratulations on getting the new BC Stats website up and running.

Thank you for having us, Loren. This launch is the culmination of more than 20 months’ of work from nearly all 55 staff members; definitely a made at BC Stats effort.

So tell us what is different with the revamped website?

There are more services and information available, and more data and reports coming out several times a week. The revamped website is our answer to the question: how can we best present information so visitors can find what they’re looking for as fast as possible?

We have a more intuitive navigation and modern website design, filterable search, and specific kinds of metadata for analytical reports and data releases to give users more ways to find information. We’ve also made it easier for staff to publish their own pages and documents, so the public has quicker access to information.

Why the change?

The project was initially motivated by a desire to better serve our clients and citizens.  It was guided by aspects of the Citizens @ The Centre: BC Government 2.0 and influenced by learning from the citizen engagement process undertaken by our ministry.

We consulted with users and we acted. From the outside, numerous improvements will be readily apparent to users. From the inside, the website enhancement project was the first and most significant Lean management activity tackled at BC Stats. Under the hood the new site is more reliable, more efficient and easier to manage. Going forward our mantra will be ‘continuous improvement.’

My understanding is BC Stats will continue to offer the services it did before. Can you talk about those and how they are integrated into the new website?

Sure can. BC Stats has four main services. First, we conduct surveys for BC government ministry, crown corporation and agency clients. Second, we do custom data development for clients that have specific needs. Examples include data, analysis, mapping and GIS. Third, we offer modeling and forecasting service on population, employment, labour force participations, and other subjects. Finally, we provide sector analysis for clients who need analysis or reports on specific sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, or fisheries and aquaculture.

These service are highlighted on the new website under the About Us/Services page.

Where to you see the opportunity to serve British Columbians going forward?

The revamped website is the just beginning. We will continually improve our website and the services we provide to citizens and clients. There is a lot to build on here, and we have the right tools and processes in place to do just that.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us today. Any closing thoughts?

Communications from BC Stats has been fairly one-way – meaning we push a lot out. We want to change that and make bcstats.gov.bc.ca a more engaging place for citizens and clients. The new website features a blog, a first for BC Stats. We have also launched our Twitter account (@BCStats), where we regularly participate in conversation and tweet the latest and greatest from BC Stats. So follow us on Twitter. Thank you for having us on, Loren!


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