Burdwood Conservancy Group

What was this engagement about?

Burdwood Group Conservancy is a cluster of islands situated on the southern Central Coast of British Columbia.  A management plan for the Conservancy was drafted as the result of a collaborative planning process between the Mamalilikulla-Qwe’Qwa’Sot’Em First Nation and BC Parks.  This plan sets out the long-term, strategic direction for the Conservancy and provides guidance for how it will be managed.

How did my contribution make a difference?

The plan was open for public review and comment.  Citizens had an opportunity to provide information, express their opinions, suggest alternatives and have their say on how the protected area will be managed.
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Details of the Engagement:

Date: July 27, 2012

Status: Closed

Location: Vancouver Island and Coast

Category: Environmental Protection

Types: Online, Mail, Email


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