Help Cut Red Tape

Read the Ongoing Results of this Engagement Here


What was this engagement about?

The purpose of this engagement was to ask citizens to share stories and ideas about how the B.C. government can save people time, provide easier access to services, and lead to possible changes to B.C. government policies, programs, and regulation. The first phase of the project took place between October 22nd and December 3rd, 2015.

How did your contribution make a difference?

During the first phase of the project, government invited to an online discussion. Ideas were accepted until 4pm on December 3, 2015, on the website, by email, and on Twitter using the hashtag #helpcutredtape. After the idea was received a moderation team reviewed every comment and at the same time, ministry champions actively reviewed the ideas. Some of the ideas were already underway, or required a tweak to existing programs or services. Others required more analysis, in-depth review, collaboration with partners or major policy or legislation changes. Some of the ideas require significant budget or transformative change, or are outside the scope of provincial government responsibility.

While not every idea will be implemented, every comment and idea submitted was reviewed and considered.  Based on your suggestions during phase 1 of the engagement, there remains an avenue to submit your ideas on reducing red tape. All comments submitted are reviewed and then discussed with Ministries for consideration.
Details of the Engagement:

Date: First phase of consultation closed on December 3, 2015

Status: Closed

Location: Province-wide

Category: Government

Types: Online, email
Read the Ongoing Results of this Engagement Here


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