Hullcar Valley Aquifer

What is this engagement about?

The Province is conducting a review of how the recent contamination of Hullcar Valley Aquifer was managed. An independent, respected expert is being commissioned to lead the review, which includes an online feedback form that will be open to the public until September 8, 2017. The review will be completed by the end of September 2017 and will look at decisions and actions taken to-date with respect to pollution in the Hullcar Valley Aquifer.
The review is expected to provide forward-looking recommendations to help inform best practices for the agricultural sector and improvements to regulations that can be applied province-wide.
To find out more please visit the Hullcar Valley Aquifer Information Page.


How can my contribution make a difference?

This review and your feedback will help inform the development of new approaches and inform future decisions around how agricultural waste is managed in the Hullcar Valley, as well as in other areas of British Columbia.

Findings from the review will be posted publicly on the Ministry of Environment’s website.


Details of the Engagement:

Date: August 17 – September 8, 2017

Status: Closed

Location: Thompson-Okanagan

Category: Environmental Protection

Types: Online


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