Upper Lillooet Hydro Project

What is this engagement about?

This proposal was to develop the Upper Lillooet Hydro Project, which comprises three run‐of‐river hydroelectric facilities (HEFs) located in the headwaters of the Lillooet River northwest of Pemberton – specifically the Upper Lillooet River HEF, the Boulder Creek HEF, and the North Creek HEF.  These three facilities will be developed as a single clean energy hydroelectric project.

How can my contribution make a difference?

The intention of seeking public comments was to ensure that all potential effects – environmental, economic, social, heritage and health – that might result from the Project were identified for consideration as part of the assessment process.

Details of the Engagement:

Date: Closed on July 30, 2012

Status: Closed

Location: Mainland/Southwest

Category: Natural Resources

Types: Online, Email, Mail

See the status of this project and comments from the public.


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