Thank you for visiting the Agricultural Land Commission Regulation Engagement website.

Government’s public consultation period on the topic of potential changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act is now closed. The consultation period ran from July 22, 2014 to noon on August 22, 2014, with the context set out in the Consultation Paper.

The Ministry sought guidance on:

  1. Some proposed additional activities that could be allowed on farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve without a requirement to make an application to the Agricultural Land Commission;
  2. Whether and to what extent these allowable uses should vary between different regions of the province, and;
  3. What parameters should be put around proposed new uses.

A Ministry team read through all of the comments, then themed and categorized them with help of analytics software. Together with agriculture policy experts, reports and summaries were created to identify main themes, as well as specific recommendations and ideas. A summary of these findings is now available to the public.