B.C.’s Liquefied Natural Gas Opportunity

In 2012, we embarked on a bold new path to build a lasting legacy for our families today and tomorrow. In a short time frame, we have established B.C. as a future leader in natural gas supply and export.

Global industry players have announced their project plans and corporate offices are opening their doors in Vancouver. Final investment decisions are expected to happen in the 2014 calendar year as industry plans move forward pending positive environmental reviews.

We are confident in our momentum, and in the growth of an LNG industry that will create thousands of new jobs for British Columbians. These jobs will exist not just in the LNG projects themselves but also in a growing list of service sector opportunities.

We have a vision of B.C. as a strong, prosperous and competitive economy – the economic engine of Canada. LNG is a key part of that legacy.

The market potential is clear and demand for LNG is growing. Potential is turning into commitment. And the progress in the last year has been virtually unprecedented.