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The Program

The LNG-Buy BC program was created to connect LNG proponents with large and small B.C. companies from across British Columbia. Through outreach and advocacy, the program helps raise broad public awareness and understanding of LNG projects, and promotes the use of B.C. businesses to project proponents and their major contractors. The program has offered workshops and seminars to educate B.C. companies on what it takes to participate in LNG supply chains. Many B.C. businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunities that LNG presents thanks to the LNG-Buy BC Program.

LNG-Buy BC Tool & Database

The program’s on-line tool offers an opportunity for B.C. Businesses to not only heighten their profile in front of major contractors, but also enables B.C. companies to network and partner to better position themselves to pre-qualify as preferred bidders on sub-contracted work.  It enables B.C. businesses to connect with the LNG industry at a variety of different levels, allowing businesses to engage at a scale suitable to their particular enterprise. Learn more

To learn about 25+ LNG opportunities in the Request for Proposal (RFP) Phase, visit http://engage.gov.bc.ca/lnginbc/lng-project-procurement/

LNG-Buy BC Business Kit

LNG-Buy BC Business Kit, first released at the 2015 LNG in BC Conference, helps B.C. companies prepare to enter and compete in LNG supply chains. It outlines key considerations for local contractors and suppliers to become qualified and competitive to bid on proposals in providing goods and services needed to support LNG projects in the province. Learn more

LNG-Buy BC Success Stories

Many B.C. businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunities that the LNG industry presents.

Hemmera, Burnaby & Victoria, B.C.

“The fact that we’ve been able to work with a number of international clients who are looking to build projects in B.C. demonstrates that LNG proponents are looking to hire local first.” —Jonathan Turner, business leader

READ MORE: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2015JTST0166-001825

Inlet Express, Prince Rupert, B.C.

“I’ve had the opportunity to engage with some of the larger LNG contractors and have had available to me the tools necessary to be successful.” —John Turpin, president

READ MORE: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2015JTST0167-001826

Ideal Welders, Annacis Island, Delta, B.C.

“The LNG-Buy BC program has absolutely helped our business connect with companies. In fact, the proponents have been very good in terms of the projects that they’ve put together and they have shown a real openness to incorporating our feedback to perhaps updating their plans to make them more feasible and easier to implement” —Steve Meadows, senior project manager

READ MORE: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2015JTST0168-001827

Lapointe Engineering Ltd., Kitimat, B.C.

Robin Lapointe started Kitimat’s first engineering company in a friend’s basement during an economic boom in 1980. The company rode the wave of a growth spurt in Kitimat with the construction of the Ocelot methanol plant in 1981 and the modernization of the Rio Tinto Alcan smelter in 2011. Now the multi-discipline engineering firm has 45 employees with numerous contractors in 14,000 square feet of office space. Lapointe expects further expansion from the establishment of LNG plants in the area.

READ MORE: http://engage.gov.bc.ca/bcjobsplan/job-makers/growing-engineering-firm-stresses-family-values/

Xanatos Marine, North Vancouver, B.C.

In North Vancouver-Lonsdale a father and his son, Bill and Kris English, have built Xanatos Marine into a world class marine safety company with the help of a supply chain that links nine other small BC businesses from Castlegar to Saanich. Their system of ship monitoring which they call the Marine Electronic Highway is currently being tested by Bernie Dumas and Edward Dahlgren at the Nanaimo Port Authority and to date far exceeds expectations. This system is being reviewed by several LNG proponent companies and may well become a critical component to LNG shipping safety in BC waters.

LEARN MORE: http://www.xanatosmarine.com/

Filaprint, Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

Jody Mitchell of Tumbler Ridge opened Filaprint 3D in early 2015. Filaprint 3D is one of northeastern B.C.’s first 3D printing companies geared toward eco-friendly manufacturing and education. Mitchell already has expansion plans. Mitchell believes there is enormous potential to grow her business into the LNG sector as her models would be a superior tool to market the emerging sector as they replicate the topography of the land.

LEARN MORE: http://www.filaprint.ca/

LNG labour market and WorkBC.ca job-search tools

The Liquefied Natural Gas opportunity is strengthening B.C.’s economic future. LNG has the potential to unleash incredible opportunities for British Columbia and for business in every corner of the province.

We want to ensure that British Columbians have the skills and training necessary to take advantage of the LNG opportunity.

That is why we introduced B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint, which is re-engineering our education and skills training programs to focus on in-demand jobs, like those in the LNG industry.

Find out more about the top LNG occupations at WorkBC.ca: https://www.workbc.ca/Labour-Market-Information/Jobs-in-Demand/LNG-Jobs-in-B-C.aspx