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Phase 1 Consultation Materials


  • Highway 99 Corridor Study, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (2009) – Detailed assessment of the Highway 99 corridor from King George Highway to the Oak Street Bridge including travel demand, performance, safety and transit service, as well as options for future enhanced transit service accommodation.
  • Fraser River North and South Arm Crossing Study, Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd. and Ward Consulting Group (1995) – Identified and evaluated 12 potential options along three corridors as an input to development of a South Coast Transportation System Plan.
  • George Massey Tunnel Expansion Plan Study, Ward Consulting Group
    (1991) – Preliminary planning study to consider the need for, and the form of, any future expansion of the existing George Massey Tunnel.
  • Gateway Program Definition Report, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (2006) – Description of the provincial Gateway Program of road and bridge improvements including problem definition, provincial response, benefit-cost analysis of the selected projects and next steps. The George Massey Tunnel was identified as a potential longer term priority.