Theme 3: Rural School District Definition

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Some felt the definition of a rural school district is one that exists in an agricultural region and has no cities, where schools are small and students are bussed. Others defined it as where children are not able to safely travel between home and school due to a major highway or a body of water.

Some contributors defined a rural school district as one where the district oversees a rural school, the majority of schools are defined as rural or remote, any school is more than 30 minutes from the city; or the majority of schools are in rural areas.

There was a suggestion that the RCMP or Statistics Canada definitions for rural be applied, and a request that the rural school district definition be reviewed over time as communities change.

Question: Is there a specific definition of a rural school district that you prefer?

4 responses to “Theme 3: Rural School District Definition

  1. Wayne

    A rural school district could be defined as a district that serves towns and villages as the majority with cities in the district being the minority.

  2. Rhonda

    As far as I understand, most people in Canada now live in an urban setting – whereas in the past, Canada was a rural nation. So I expect there are some national guidelines as to what is considered urban – and what is considered rural. In actuality, most people in Canada now live in only a few very large cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary…
    I believe that you can say that pretty much all of B.C. is now rural – except for the more heavily populated Lower Mainland and southern Vancouver Island. Rural B.C. is driven in a large part by Resource Extraction, i.e. mining and forestry – plus agriculture.
    Although the Lower Mainland/south Vancouver Island had a "difficult- to- drive- in" Winter this year – Rural B.C. contends with severe Winter conditions every year. For example, Golden, B.C. – which is one of the 3 Zones in Rocky Mountain School District #6 – is regularly cut-off from East/West travel on the main route in Canada – the TransCanada Hwy #1 – with frequent closures in Roger's Pass and east towards Lake Louise and Banff in the Rocky Mountains. I have been in Golden where every road leading out of the Town was closed.
    The Town of Golden (and Invermere and Kimberley) are geographically isolated from where most people live in large urban settings: 3.5 hours from Golden to Calgary on a good day – and approx. 9.5 hours driving straight through to get to Vancouver.
    Rocky Mountain School District #6 is as big as some countries in the world (or bigger)!
    (approx. 250 km long or more).
    Thanks for the opportunity to provide input. I will carry on reading through the Paper in the near future.

  3. Debbie

    I would agree with this definition.

  4. Liza

    A rural school district is one where a percentage of the students live in rural areas where the nearest school is in a larger community or urban centre especially for high school and a percentage of students live more than 10 km from the nearest school and rely on bussing for school.

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