The following is the two phased process for gathering feedback:

Phase 1: Fall/Winter 2016:

  • Rural families, parents, community members and education leaders engaged in an online discussion
  • Stakeholder groups, such as school boards, sector associations and local governments voiced their thoughts via formal submissions.
  • Input from senior school district staff with technical knowledge, such as superintendents and secretary treasurers, was sought via a survey about issues around funding, facilities, and educational programming.

Phase 2: Winter/early spring 2017:

  • A summary paper was posted online for public and stakeholder comment; and
  • The Parliamentary Secretary and/or Ministry of Education staff hosted a series of regional meetings to discuss what was heard online and through stakeholder submissions.

The graphic below shows the entire process for gathering feedback:


Click image to enlarge.

Once all of your feedback and comments on the future direction for rural educational programs and rural schools in the province are reviewed, a final report will be released near the end of the 2016/2017 school year. The final report will include recommendations for the future, with a focus on the unique challenges facing rural school districts and recognizing the economic, social and cultural impact that schools have on small communities.