Purpose and Authority

The Parliamentary Secretary will support the Minister in achieving the outcomes outlined by the Premier Christy Clark with respect to the completion of a Rural Education Strategy, with a focus on sustainable and predictable funding for rural schools. The Parliamentary Secretary will be authorized by the Minister to act as his agent, working under his authority and direction with regard to the specific duties and deliverables listed below.

Major Duties

As Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Education, your specific duties include:

  1. Establish and work with the Rural Schools Working Group, which will include representatives from key K-12 sector stakeholder groups, with membership to be determined in collaboration with Ministry of Education staff;
  2. Working with the Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development to assess the economic, social and cultural impact that rural schools have on small communities; and
  3. Working with the Minister of Education and Ministry of Education staff to undertake a review of rural education, including funding for rural schools, and the development of a Rural Education Strategy that outlines recommendations for improvement in the future.

Approved Scope of Activities

The following activities are considered ‘in scope’ for your role as Parliamentary Secretary:

  • Review of analytics pertaining to:
    • educational supports and outcomes for students in rural schools in British Columbia
    • student enrolment in rural schools in British Columbia
    • condition of rural school facilities in British Columbia
    • community impact of rural schools (i.e. economic, social, cultural, etc.)
  • Review of operating and capital funding practices in place for rural schools in British Columbia (Ministry and school districts)
  • Stakeholder engagement pertaining to rural educational supports and the operation of rural schools in British Columbia, including school district and community consultations around the province
  • Review of challenges and opportunities (educational, operational, financial, etc.) facing school districts with respect to the operation of rural schools in British Columbia
  • Reporting on the results of research, analytics, and stakeholder consultations, and making recommendations for improving rural education and the operation of rural schools in the future

Deliverables for the 2016/2017 school year are as follows:

  1. Work plan for the completion of the Rural Education Strategy.
  2. Monthly status updates to the Minister of Education and Ministry of Education executive team.
  3. Definition of ‘Rural School.’
  4. Engagement Plan for seeking input from K-12 sector stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities (educational, operational, financial) facing school districts.
  5. Report on Rural Education Facts, outlining the initial findings from review of research and analytics pertaining to rural education and the operation of rural schools.
  6. Report summarizing feedback from stakeholder consultations.
  7. Final report on Rural Education, including recommendations for the future.