In agrifood and seafood, 63,000 British Columbians stand proud as providers of the world’s best products.

In five years, your government has focused on identifying more markets and opportunities – and succeeded in increasing the sector by 18 per cent.

Your government will continue to work to add 3,500 jobs in northern First Nations, and work on 51 actions to grow agrifood and seafood revenues by 43 per cent in the next three years.

Your government is also focused on creating new markets and opportunities for our world-leading craft beer and wine industries, by modernizing liquour laws, and giving consumers more choice.

That includes giving consumers opportunity to purchase B.C. wines in grocery stores – a move that people have been waiting for in our province, and a step that is wholly compliant within the rules of trade. To those who may differ in opinion let us say that we will continue to stand up for fair trade, stand up for our consumers and workers in the wine industry.