Members. Your government’s core principles remain. Our province has:

  • created more jobs than anywhere in Canada since the start of the BC Jobs Plan;
  • a record of five consecutive balanced budgets thanks to careful management;
  • a growing economy that is the envy of Canada;

These are foundations built by the hard work of British Columbians that allow us to care for each other and bridge the urban-rural divide.

With the means to do more thanks to B.C.’s success, we must and we will.

British Columbians seek a better balance between economic, social, and environmental priorities. This agenda is a sincere effort to meet that desire.

While we do not always agree on the best path forward, we all recognize that British Columbia is a unique place with qualities unmatched around the world.

We are experiencing a time of stress from growth and change.  Change that will shape us if we do not act to shape it for ourselves.

Together, we must ensure we harness the opportunity before us to create the future we all want for British Columbia.

The May election delivered a divided result. Your government has listened to that result and brings forward this agenda to gain this House’s confidence and, in doing so, the confidence of the people of British Columbia.

It is submitted with humility and openness to change.

Thank you to all members who serve in this assembly. We thank you, and your families, for the sacrifices you make – some of you for many years.

We in British Columbia are richer for your service and dedication. I wish you all success.