Members, we are the stewards of our environment in BC. We are the builders of our economy.

With the risk of a weak global recovery and protectionism surrounding us, now more than ever, we must be vigilant.

It is up to you, members, to stand up to protect and create jobs for British Columbians in your communities — defend opportunities today so that families can build their future. Serve British Columbians while making sure they keep as much as possible of their hard-earned money.

As we celebrate Canada’s Sesquicentennial this year, let us remember our connection to the land, and its critical importance to the success of our children.

It is up to you, members, to build a society that is caring and also strong – to be able to make a difference in peoples’ lives not just today but also in the future.

There will be many immediate challenges that the world will throw our way.

In the face of those challenges, let us be strong with a plan for British Columbians.

Let us stand strong upon principles. Upon these principles and the bedrock foundation that is our constitutional monarchy, we will keep building a great British Columbia for all who call this beautiful province their home.