Growing our economy must be done responsibly. Protecting our coast and our land with world leading systems, fairness for British Columbians, opportunities for our First Nations and Aboriginal peoples, and regulatory review and certification — these are the core principles of British Columbia’s Five Conditions on new or expanded heavy-oil pipelines.

For more than four years, your government stood up for BC with those conditions – in a clear, consistent and principled way.

Canadians have not only to come to accept the Five Conditions; Canadians are taking actions to satisfy each condition.

Before the Trudeau government approved the Kinder Morgan Project, they took action on an historic Ocean Protection Plan committing to world-leading protection for B.C.’s coast.

Your government reached an unprecedented revenue-sharing agreement with the proponent for up to a billion dollars over 20 years.

BC will invest every penny of that in projects brought forward by community groups throughout our province to protect and enhance our environment.