On housing, your government has made the largest single year investment in Canadian history in, creating nearly 5,000 units of affordable rental housing the elderly, for students, for persons living with disabilities, for persons living on low to moderate incomes.

Your government has exempted the property transfer tax for British Columbians buying newly built homes valued up to $750,000. 9,100 British Columbians have taken this opportunity, saving almost $72 million dollars.

Your government has taken action to correct the real estate market with a luxury tax, as well as a tax on foreign purchasers of homes in Metro Vancouver.

And through the BC HOME Partnership program, your government is making an investment in the people who will build our future: first-time homebuyers.

This is an investment in British Columbians who are starting their adult lives, working hard, saving a down-payment for their first home. They can now count on the government to match their investment to build their savings.

This spring, your government will continue to work with municipalities to encourage greater supply of housing, including building more units, and creating smarter, greener communities, connected by transit.