Fellow British Columbians, and members of the legislature, let us start by acknowledging the honour we share, gathering within the traditional Lekwungen territory of Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations.

Members, we begin by honouring the best among us, some of the British Columbians who shaped our identity, represented us at our best, and made us proud.

In their own way, Jett Bassi, Beau Dick, Chandra Bodalia, Neil Macrae, Bob Robertson, John Shields, Ian Stewart, Richard Wagamese, and Bill Wong each represented and reflected their communities – and the diversity that makes us the envy of the world.

We remember Christine Archibald who was brutally taken from her family in the attacks on London Bridge, by people fueled with hate, but who are destined to fail in spreading their evil.

I also pay tribute to Clayton Cassidy, who tragically lost his life protecting his neighbours and the town he loved.

And recently we lost a true trailblazer in Grace McCarthy. Tough, compassionate, principled, and unflinching in the face of change – we will miss her experience and wisdom.