To keep our students safe, your government has committed $1.7 billion in new infrastructure over the next three years, and invested $1.3 billion in more than160 completed school-seismic projects, with more to come over the next three years.

From schools to other vital infrastructure your government is investing $10 billion – for new hospitals, highways and roads and other projects like the Surrey LRT, Broadway subway, and the George Massey Tunnel replacement project.

Your government is preparing for the future with the Site C dam that will provide clean and affordable power for a growing BC for a hundred years. That project has created almost 1,900 jobs already and 33,000 total person-years of employment over the life of the project.

And we will be ready for 2 million more people who will come to make their home here in the next 25 years; our economy will continue to grow, and we will see more people drive electric cars as technology evolves.