Just like in forestry, workers in B.C.’s clean natural gas sector need global markets to thrive. But unforeseen headwinds have created challenging conditions.

Despite that, the Woodfibre LNG project has made a final investment decision. Other LNG projects continue to move forward in British Columbia with over $20 billion invested already – including large projects on the cusp of making a decision in the next two years.

World markets may go up and down. But bringing home the generational opportunity of LNG remains within reach because of the work that has been done in our province.

A fiscal framework that gives certainty to investors, and ensures BC is globally competitive as markets recover. Strengthened and enduring partnerships with 29 of 32 First Nations.

And your government has made a down payment for all of us. The British Columbia Prosperity Fund already has $500,000,000. A savings plan for our future, and to pay down our debt.

Your government will continue to work with proponents, and ensure British Columbians have the skills to be first in line for those jobs that will come through the Skills for Jobs Blueprint strategy.