Perhaps no industry has endured more ups and downs than mining. From near extinction 16 years ago, through more recent challenges of low global prices, mining is rebounding in British Columbia. It contributes $9.7 billion to our economy – in part because $2 billion was invested in exploration projects in our province over the last five years.

More than 46,000 British Columbians and their families rely on mining – and the world depends on them for the raw materials needed to make everything from transmission wire to consumer electronics.

Even through these uncertain times, we continue to see new mines. Your government established new targets for upgrades and expansions to nine currently operating mines by 2020, and eight new mines under construction or in operation by 2022.

Today, there are two new mines under construction that will generate 1,000 jobs in rural B.C.

The work is not done. Your government will continue to support the most innovative, sustainable, and safe mining sector in the world.