Your government has made record investments in creating opportunity through education, skills training, and higher learning.

British Columbia is investing a record $5.1 billion per year for public education, and an overall investment of $7.5 billion in education and training each year. Average per-pupil funding is now over $8,900, the highest ever, even with an increase of 10,000 students in the past two years.

B.C. leads Canada for student outcomes, and ranks third around the world, with dramatic increases in high school completion rates for students with special needs, E.L.L. students, and Aboriginal students.

This government has worked with the Teachers’ Federation to achieve the longest negotiated settlement in history, ensuring 6 years of labour peace in our classrooms so that our children can to learn without interruption.

Your government and the Federation have reached agreement to invest an additional $50 million immediately to hire up to 1000 new teachers. That’s in addition to the Learning Improvement Fund, which has helped teachers to focus more time and resources where it counts: on our children.

The Supreme Court has spoken. Your government is committed to working in good faith with our teachers to put our students first.