British Columbia is a place like no other. Everyone who was born here or has come here knows that this place is special, and absolutely unique.

However, there are a few ways in which we could be more like others in this country.

On the issue of political and democratic reform, your government acknowledges more should have been done sooner, and more needs to be done now.

Your government will pursue comprehensive reforms that will:

  • Ban corporate, union, and third party donations, including donations in kind, to political parties;
  • Impose a maximum donation limit for individuals to political parties, comparable to other Canadian jurisdictions;
  • Ban donations to political parties from outside British Columbia, including foreign donations;
  • Ban funding to a provincial political party from a federal political party;
  • Restrict the role of money influencing elections through third parties;
  • Ban loans to parties by any organization other than a Canadian chartered bank or credit union; and
  • Apply these reforms to local government candidates and political parties.

The results that British Columbians delivered in the May election require cooperation. Your government is committed to working with all parties in the legislature.

Following referenda in 2005 and 2009, there remains a desire by many members in this place to revisit electoral reform.

With the confidence of this house, your government will enable a third referendum on electoral reform.  It will require extensive public consultation to develop a clear question, and will ensure rural representation in the legislature is protected.

It is vital that any referendum reflects the views of British Columbians, not just its political parties.

Additionally, your government will work with other parties to strengthen lobbyist legislation and regulations.