Growing the Economy

Transportation generates employment and underpins job creation, economic development and progress throughout B.C., so when we make affordable transportation investments, we are investing in tourism, increased trading capacity with the world and all of our industries in B.C., such as forestry, mining, energy, and oil and gas. Strategies to support this priority include:

Supporting the development of LNG and other resource development by:

  • Continuing to improve highways, side roads and bridges that provide access to natural gas exploration and drilling programs
  • Working with First Nations and private, local and federal partners to ensure the transportation infrastructure and policies needed are in place

Supporting increased trade with Asia and around the world by:

  • Continuing to expand key trade corridors and improve traffic flow through the Central North (e.g., Cariboo Connector, Highway 16), the Southern Interior (e.g., Highway 1 Kamloops to the Alberta Border, Okanagan Valley Connector) and the Lower Mainland (e.g.; George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project)
  • Increasing trade capacity by partnering with private and local agencies on needed road, rail and port improvements
  • Working with the United States to improve the movement of people and goods across the Canada/U.S. border

Identifying and upgrading key highways and bridges to facilitate heavy and oversized hauling to keep commercial traffic flowing smoothly across B.C.

Strengthening B.C.’s trucking sector by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary regulation around licensing and permitting
  • Exploring options to increase industry cost-effectiveness and decrease idling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Expanding rest areas and parking opportunities for B.C. truckers

Strengthening B.C.’s aviation sector by:

  • Improving air access to and within B.C. by working with Vancouver International Airport, international airlines and regional carriers
  • Promoting competitive federal economic policies and regulations to increase new commercial carrier opportunities and air travel