Moving People & Goods Safely and Reliably

Safety is a priority for all modes of travel, and safe movement of people and goods is dependent on access to a reliable transportation network. Reliability means
having a network available in good condition with sufficient services and choices available to meet the transport and trade needs of the province, and with minimal delays and uncertainties that can lengthen travel times.Strategies to support this priority include:

Continuing to increase highway safety and reliability by:

  • Investing in highway barriers, signage, new and improved traveller
    information systems, improved community and pedestrian facilities,
    and upgraded avalanche warning and control systems to improve
    roadside safety
  • Seeking efficiency and safety improvements for B.C.’s trucking sector
  • Implementing the Rural Speed and Safety Review recommendations

Keeping highways, bridges and side roads in good condition by:

  • Investing in repaving highways and side roads, and repairs and
    improvements to highways, side roads and bridges

Continuing to expand and improve highway capacity, bridges and side roads by:

  • Adding rural highway passing lanes (e.g., Highway 3 and Highway 5)
    and completing intersection upgrades
  • Delivering major projects such as the George Massey tunnel
    replacement, the Cariboo Connector and exploring options for a future
    second crossing of Okanagan Lake in Kelowna
  • Expanding key corridors by four- and six-laning and completing
    significant improvements such as new and upgraded interchanges
    Improving highway rest areas