Blog Post #21 – Update on Regulation Work under the WSA

Since the Water Sustainability Act came into effect on February 29, 2016, the Ministries of Environment and Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations have been developing proposals to fine-tune existing regulations and develop a new regulation on livestock watering. Current work includes the development of policies and regulations associated with: Amending the definition of a … Continued

Blog Post #20 – Amendments to the Water Sustainability Regulation

Since the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) and related regulations came into force on February 29, 2016, input from water stakeholders as well as internal review identified several instances in which the initial wording of the Water Sustainability Regulation was unclear or did not fully reflect government’s policy intent. Government has therefore amended the regulation as … Continued

Blog Post #19 – Water Sustainability Act and new regulations now in effect

Today signals an important milestone for British Columbia as the Province brings the Water Sustainability Act and into force. The Water Sustainability Act updates and replaces the old Water Act and delivers on an important government commitment to ensure our water stays healthy and secure. Modern legislation is an essential part of caring for this … Continued

Blog Post #18 – What Happens Next?

The provincial government intends to bring the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) into force in early 2016, along with a set of new and updated regulations and the new fees and rental rates announced in February 2015. Once the WSA is in effect, those who use groundwater for non-domestic purposes (e.g., irrigation, municipal water supply, mining, … Continued

Blog Post #17 – What We Heard

The Province released four discussion papers in July 2015 describing proposed policies related to groundwater licensing and protection, dam safety, and offences and fines. The public, First Nations, and stakeholder groups were invited to provide feedback until early September. In response to these policies, government received written comments from 28 organizations and 22 individuals. Additional … Continued

Blog Post #16 – Proposed water policies: what do you think?

Much of the detail related to implementation of the new Water Sustainability Act will be provided in regulations and operational policies.  Due to the complexity of the new act and the number of proposed regulations, government is taking a phased approach to implementation. Government has released four papers describing proposed new policies related to core … Continued

Blog Post #15 – Pricing changes support protection of B.C. water

The review of water pricing in B.C. is now complete.  New fee and rental rates are being set to recover the costs of administering the new Water Sustainability Act and better manage our water for future generations.  The new fees and rentals will come into effect in 2016. Last spring we asked for your feedback … Continued

Blog Post #14 – Bill 18 is now an Act!

On April 29, Bill 18, the Water Sustainability Act, passed Third Reading in the Legislature and is now considered an Act. It is expected to receive Royal Assent in the near future and come into force after April 2015. Now that the Water Sustainability Act has passed, work is underway to plan for implementation and … Continued

Blog Post #13 – Comment Period on Pricing BC’s Water Now Complete

Thank you for your comments on government’s Pricing BC’s Water discussion paper. The blog is now closed for further comment. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us what’s important to you when it comes to water pricing. Over the coming month we’ll be reviewing the over 130 blog comments and email submissions that … Continued

Blog Post #12 – One more day to comment on Water Pricing in BC

On March 11, we released Pricing B.C.’s Water to encourage a dialogue about how government should update water fees and rentals. Over the last four weeks, we’ve received some very thoughtful comments through the blog and via email. Check out what others are saying. Do you agree? What is important to you when it comes … Continued