As B.C.’s curriculum is enhanced we must make sure our assessments and reporting of student progress keeps pace.

The Future
The goal of reporting student progress is to ensure that parents get the information that they want about their children and their progress. In reporting, the goal is having the student’s learning documented over time by the teacher, using collections of the student’s work to create a profile of their strengths, areas of growth, and areas for further development.  Students learn best when the communication between the teacher and the parent is ongoing, responsive and clear about how the parent can help their child.

Role of Technology
Through technology and changes in assessment practices and reporting, parents will receive information on their children in a timelier, more responsive manner.

What will continue?
Exams will continue to be rigorous and based on learning standards that evaluate student achievement, core competencies, essential learning, literacy, and math skills. However, more flexibility will be introduced into the assessment process wherever possible.
Parents will continue to receive information on students’ progress in areas such as science, social studies, mathematics, arts, physical health education, careers, applied skills, design and technology, as well as literacy and math skills.

New Approaches
Many school districts have been exploring new ways of reporting student progress using a number of different approaches, and we need to hear from you on what is important to you as we move forward.


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