To help B.C.’s students thrive in today’s changing world, core competencies are a focus. These critical skills are the basis of our education system, and the key components of developing an educated citizen. Students will develop the intellectual, personal, social and emotional skills required to engage deeply in their learning and succeed in work, and in life.


New Skills & Knowledge

By applying their skills and knowledge in new, often interdisciplinary situations, students will develop:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving;
  • Collaboration and leadership;
  • Communication and digital literacy;
  • Personal and social responsibility;
  • Creativity and innovation; and
  • Global and cultural understanding.


Aboriginal Perspectives

Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge are an important part of the historical foundation of both B.C. and Canada, and will be integrated into every subject in the new curriculum. All students will have opportunities to better understand and respect a variety of cultures, both their own and others.


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