The following information is taken directly from the Cannabis Talk Kit, produced by Drug Free Kids Canada in collaboration with Health Canada and the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Addiction:

Cannabis is commonly rolled into a cigarette (called a “joint”) or in a cigar (called a “blunt”) or it is smoked in a pipe or water pipe (called a “bong”). A single intake of smoke is called a “hit.”

Cannabis resin can be vaporized and/or smoked in a hookah pipe or bong (where the smoke is drawn through water before inhaling it).

In addition, there are cannabis concentrates such as hash, wax, shatter, (a relatively recent by-product of cannabis with very high levels of THC) tinctures, and oil, most of which are ingested by heating and then inhaling the smoke.

Cannabis can also be brewed as tea or mixed into food and ingested as edible candies, cookies and brownies.

Common terms for cannabis are: Marijuana, bud, blunt, chronic, dab, dope, ganja, grass, green, hash, herb, joint, loud, mary jane, mj, pot, reefer, skunk, smoke, trees, wax, weed.