We are committed to accessibility legislation that is inclusive of all persons with disabilities. We support the adoption of a broad and inclusive definition of “disability” consistent with the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the Accessible Canada Act(PDF 1198KB).

Complementing Federal Accessibility Legislation

The Accessible Canada Act came into force in June 2019. It sets accessibility requirements for sectors or organizations under federal jurisdiction, such as banking, telecommunications and broadcasting, and the federal transportation network.

The Accessible Canada Act supports a wide range of measures to promote accessibility, which includes:

  • Developing accessibility standards to help organizations identify and remove barriers;
  • Implementing accessibility requirements (e.g. accessibility plans, feedback mechanisms and progress reports) to integrate accessibility into organizational planning and reporting;
  • Issuing a range of tools (e.g. inspections, compliance agreements and monetary penalties) to ensure compliance and enforcement with the Act;
  • Tracking progress on accessibility; and
  • Working with provinces and territories to coordinate efforts relating to accessibility.

Accessibility legislation for B.C. would complement federal efforts to promote inclusion and accessibility by addressing barriers (e.g. physical, technological or attitudinal barriers) within areas of provincial jurisdiction that prevent the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in our communities. Areas could include service delivery, employment, built environment, information, and transportation.

Learning from Accessibility Legislation in Other Provinces

Four provinces, Nova Scotia (PDF 250KB), Manitoba(PDF459KB), Ontario (Web Link)and Quebec (PDF 225KB) currently have accessibility legislation in place. In addition, Newfoundland and Labrador(Web Link) has recently carried out consultation to create new accessibility legislation.

The Government of British Columbia is committed to accessibility legislation that meets the unique needs of all British Columbians. We seek to learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions that have legislation in place already.