Thank you for sharing your ideas for revitalizing the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and Agricultural land Commission (ALC). The consultation period has now closed. The Minister’s Advisory Committee will be developing recommendations and will provide a final report to the Minister in fall 2018.

The report will focus on the common themes discussed in the consultation:

  • A defensible and defended ALR
  • ALR resilience
  • Stable governance
  • Efficacy of zones 1 and 2
  • Interpretation and implementation of the Act and regulation
  • Food security and B.C.’s agricultural contribution
  • Residential uses in the ALR
  • Farm processing and sales in the ALR
  • Unauthorized uses
  • Non-Farm uses and resource extraction in the ALR

Please read the Advisory Committee’s Discussion Paper which framed the consultation and engagement process.

A summary of the input received from the consultation will be presented here soon.