An independent committee made up of members with diverse agricultural backgrounds and experiences is building recommendations for the revitalization of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) through consultation and engagement with agriculture stakeholders and the public.

The Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham, was tasked in her mandate letter with “Revitalizing the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC)”. To deliver on this important commitment, the Minister established an independent advisory committee to provide the Province with strategic advice and policy guidance. The Advisory Committee was tasked with leading consultation and engagement with stakeholders and the general public, and delivering to the Minister a set of recommendations.

The Advisory Committee identified three general objectives prior to the consultation:

  1. Preserve the productive capacity of land in the ALR;
  2. Encourage farming of land in the ALR for uses related to agriculture and food production; and,
  3. Strengthen the administration and governance of the ALR and ALC to both increase public confidence and to ensure that land use regulation and land use decisions are preserving agricultural land and encouraging farming and ranching in the ALR.

Please read the Advisory Committee’s Discussion Paper which framed the consultation and engagement process.