We would love to know your thoughts on the following topics:

    Discussion 1: Human Rights and You

    Which of the above Human Rights Code grounds have played a role in your own life?

    Discussion 2: The Commission’s Role

    What roles do you think the B.C. Human Rights Commission should take on?

    Discussion 3: Building Awareness

    How do you feel the new commission should educate people about human rights under the B.C. Human Rights Code? Based on your experience, what topics of education would be important to individuals? What would be most helpful for employers or other organizations? What are the most convenient ways that you use to find information you need in your daily life?

    Discussion 4: Discrimination in the Workplace

    What kind of discrimination have you experienced in the workplace? What did you do about it? If you’re an employer or supervisor, how do you contribute to an inclusive workplace?

    Discussion 5: Youth and Human Rights

    How do you feel your views on human rights and discrimination compare to the way you were raised? What youth-centred issues do you think the new Human Rights Commission should focus on? And how do you think a Human Rights Commission should interact with youth?

    Discussion 6: Your feedback is making a difference

    If you’ve been considering participating and haven’t done so yet, I would love to hear from you. Whether it is a personal story or a systemic issue that you think a new commission could address, send us your comments, ideas and stories, and be part of this change.

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