A Message from Assistant Deputy Minister Lori Halls


Deputy Minister Cairine MacDonald, Minister Terry Lake, ADM Lori Halls and BC Parks Area Supervisor Lucy Stefanyk in Haida Gwaii, Summer 2012

In my professional and personal life, I’ve had many opportunities to be a volunteer and work with volunteers. Individuals’ commitment, strength and willingness to make a difference “because they can” are integral to any successful volunteer effort.

As the Assistant Deputy Minister of BC Parks and Conservation Officer Service, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work alongside folks in many capacities as park hosts, ecological reserve wardens, trail building and maintenance, beach clean up, etc.

I recently came back from an incredible trip to Haida Gwaii. Among the many, many things I learned, and stories that were told, one of them, the Flight of the Hummingbird, really resonated. Hummingbirds symbolize wisdom and courage. In the inspiring story of the Flight of the Hummingbird, which has its origins with both the Quichan people of South America and the Haida of the North Pacific, the hummingbird reminds us that power is not always about size. It is, however, always about commitment. Nothing could be more true of the incredible volunteer efforts in BC’s parks and protected areas.

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One response to “A Message from Assistant Deputy Minister Lori Halls

  1. Leonard

    as a person of disabilities (pwd) since 2000 and disabled for life I find that as of turning 65 years old I no longer have the right to disabled FREE camping in BC Why?
    reading the bc parks application for handicapped persons I find it prejudice against seniors that are disabled for life.
    I also see it as abuse of elders that built this country and due to age are discarded contrary to this governments adds regarding senior abuse. according to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms this is abuse. I would like a Pass for Parks and Forestry Parks rather than take this to human rights. thank you