Broadway Subway Project Team Gathering Information from Local Businesses and Offices this Summer

The Broadway Subway Project team wants to learn more about local businesses and offices in the project area.  In July and August representatives will be going door-to-door and floor-to-floor along Broadway, 8th Avenue, 10th Avenue and cross streets between Kingsway and Vine to speak with local business managers and owners about their needs and interests. Project teams will gather information to learn more about access, customers, product or services, and communications preferences.

The project team will consider the information gathered, along with technical requirements, to create traffic and construction management and mitigation plans. It will also be referenced as needed throughout construction and may be shared with project partners such as the City of Vancouver and TransLink.

While a large project such as this will inevitably bring temporary impacts during construction, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and contractor will implement mitigation measures to provide ongoing access to business, visibility of signage and current information wherever possible throughout construction.