About the Project

What is the Broadway Subway project?

The Broadway Subway project is a 5.7-kilometre extension of the existing Millennium Line SkyTrain from VCC-Clark Station to Arbutus Street. Read the project overview.

Why is the Broadway Subway project needed?

The Broadway Subway will replace the 99 B-Line bus route to Arbutus Street. The 99 B-Line route is the busiest bus route in Canada and the U.S. and can no longer effectively meet demand. Buses get caught in traffic congestion and people are often passed up by full buses.

Learn more about why the Broadway Subway is needed.

Will the Broadway Subway improve travel times?

Yes, the Broadway Subway will save the average commuter almost 30 minutes a day compared to the 99 B-Line service today. It will allow for three times the current capacity of the 99 B-Line bus service, with room to grow in the future.

Trains will arrive every three to four minutes during rush hours. Travelling from Commercial-Broadway Station to Arbutus will take about 11 minutes.

Where are the station locations?

The Broadway Subway will connect businesses, jobs, communities and people with six new underground stations on:

  • Great Northern Way
  • Broadway at Main Street
  • Cambie Street
  • Oak Street
  • Granville Street
  • Arbutus Street.

Exact station locations will be shared in the coming weeks and months as project details are finalized.


When does construction start?       

Construction is anticipated to start in 2020 and continue through to 2025.

Who will construct the project?

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is delivering the Broadway Subway project, as it already owns the existing SkyTrain system. The Ministry will identify a qualified construction contractor through a competitive process. This process is anticipated to begin later this fall/winter.

How will the Broadway Subway be constructed?

The Broadway Subway will be mainly constructed from underground. Street-level construction can be expected where stations will be built.

Why not extend all the way to University of British Columbia during this construction phase?

The current, approved project extends the line between VCC-Clark and Arbutus which was identified as a priority by the Mayors’ Council, and follows years of technical study and consultation.  Future projects will be considered, and any additional investment would require cooperation and cost sharing from all levels of government – provincial, federal and local.

In the meantime, the Arbutus Street terminus will be designed to allow for future rapid transit expansion to UBC.

Costs and Funding

How much will the Broadway Subway project cost?

Construction of the Broadway Subway project will cost $2.83 billion.

Who is paying for the Broadway Subway project?

On September 4, 2018, the Governments of Canada and British Columbia confirmed the business case and funding for the Broadway Subway project. The funding breakdown for Phase 2 is:

  • Government of Canada: $888.4 million
  • Government of British Columbia: $1.82 billion
  • City of Vancouver: $99.8 million (in-kind land contribution)

An additional $17 million went towards the full project cost under Phase 1.

The Broadway Subway is a key part of the rapid transit program in the Metro Vancouver Phase 2 Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision. That vision is funded by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia, Metro Vancouver municipalities, and TransLink.

Who will operate the Broadway Subway?

Once constructed, the Broadway Subway will be integrated with the regional transit network and operated and maintained by TransLink.

What is the Community Benefits Agreement?

  • The Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is an agreement between the Province and B.C.’s major building trades unions. It describes how workers are hired and employed on select major public infrastructure projects in B.C.
  • The Community Benefits Agreement helps deliver good-paying jobs, better training and apprenticeships, and more trades opportunities for Indigenous people, women and youth around the province.

 Where can I read the CBA?

Click here to view a PDF of the Community Benefits Agreement.

 What is BCIB?

  • BC Infrastructure Benefits Inc. (BCIB) is the new provincial Crown corporation created to implement the CBA. Workers on the Broadway Subway project will be BCIB employees. BCIB will recruit, hire, support and pay workers on its projects.
  • More information about how to apply for work opportunities will be coming shortly. In the meantime, interested parties can register to receive newsletter updates by emailing info@bcib.ca.

Public engagement

How can I get involved?

Residents, businesses, transit users, other stakeholders, and the public have helped to shape the project to date. These stakeholders and the public will continue to have an opportunity to be involved in the Broadway Subway Project.  Sign up for regular project updates, including information on engagement opportunities. You can also email the project team at broadwaysubway@gov.bc.ca