The Broadway Subway has several key benefits:

Provide faster, convenient, and more reliable transit service

The Broadway Subway will cut commute times, and make more room for more people on transit.

Improve transportation options and economic development potential

Central Broadway is the second largest employment centre in B.C., after downtown Vancouver. About half of all people working in Central Broadway come from outside of Vancouver. The Broadway Subway will provide more options for getting to work.

Fill a critical gap in the regional transit network

The Broadway Subway will ease congestion at existing choke points, including the Commercial-Broadway Station and Main Street Station.

Connect communities and regional destinations

Six new underground stations will better link the region to critical services and destinations, including Vancouver General Hospital and Vancouver International Airport (via direct connection to the Canada Line). The Broadway Subway will connect active and growing business and residential communities from Great Northern Way to Arbutus.

Meet the needs of today and tomorrow

Metro Vancouver will welcome one million new residents and 600,000 new jobs over the next 30 years. The Broadway Subway will be a critical part of the transportation system to keep people and goods moving and to support a vibrant and growing economy. Stations will have capacity to accommodate future passenger growth.

Support the environment

Electric-powered SkyTrain beneath Broadway will replace the 99 B-Line bus service to Arbutus Street, and provide an efficient and low emissions way for people to travel along the Broadway corridor.

Improve affordability and access

The Broadway Subway will make it easier live, work, shop, and access services in the Broadway Corridor, adding to regional affordability.

Making Room for More Riders

The new Broadway Subway will make room for 255% more riders.