Efforts to identify a rapid transit solution for the Broadway Corridor have 
been underway since 2009. An evaluation of approximately 200 technology and route options was completed through a partnership between the Government of B.C., TransLink, the City of Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, the University of B.C., the University Endowment Lands, and the Musqueam Indian Band, along with extensive stakeholder and public engagement.

Two previous rounds of public engagement were led by TransLink:

  • Planning Stage 1: December 2016 to February 2017
    Stakeholders and the public were re-engaged on the Project, including sharing information on SkyTrain solution, route, and alignment.
  • Planning Stage 2: May to July 2017
  • Stakeholders and the public provided input on construction considerations and mitigations, and station design features.

Read the results of these public engagements.

Sticky notes from the public engagement


Environmental Review

A formal environmental regulatory process was not required for the Project.

However, the project team still undertook an Environmental and Socio-Economic Review to ensure a clear and transparent process for identifying and protecting environmental and socio-economic values.

This process provided additional opportunities for engagement and input from the public, Indigenous groups, stakeholders, and government agencies on the scope of issues and approaches for protecting these values.

Contact Us

You can learn more and continue to provide input by emailing the project team at broadwaysubway@gov.bc.ca