Vancouver’s Broadway Corridor is an important economic, healthcare, and residential centre for Metro Vancouver and British Columbia. The Corridor links critical regional destinations:

  • B.C.’s second-largest employment centre
  • Western Canada’s largest hospital
  • World class academic and health care institutions
  • An emerging tech and innovation sector

The Broadway Corridor is also the busiest bus route in Canada and the U.S.A. More than 100,000 transit trips are made on the Broadway Corridor each day, as people do business and get to work, school, and appointments in the area. The current 99 B-Line express and local bus services can no longer meet demand – thousands of passengers are passed up every year by full buses.

The Broadway Subway will eliminate overcrowding and long queues for the current 99 B-Line service at the region’s busiest transit station, Commercial-Broadway Station, and make traveling faster, convenient, and more reliable. It will also keep people and goods moving and help to reduce congestion on this busy corridor.

Commercial/Broadway Skytrain station