3.2 Program Principles

Along with our broad goals, we will follow a set of principles to guide our actions as we adopt changes in organization and processes for the new Caribou Recovery Program. The principles will help us be consistent in our work, and to be good stewards of the caribou populations.

Program principles identified to date include:

  • Incorporate interests and values of Indigenous communities in decisions and activities
  • Make decisions based on the best available science, in a collaborative way
  • Employ consistent, provincial-level program management and logic
  • Ensure transparency in the decision process and open access to all data
  • Recognize the unique characteristics of each herd and their habitats
  • Focus on the long-term sustainability of caribou populations
  • Aim for continuous improvement and change
  • Value scientific research and an expanding the knowledge base
  • Actively engage with all interested parties
  • Commit to live within our means with unbiased use of public funds and resources

7 responses to “3.2 Program Principles

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    [-] Bryce

    Cheers to all of the program principals. Now that they have been identified, it's time to plan accordingly. Let's not let any interest group get in the way of making good decisions.

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    [-] James

    This statement of principles is empty rhetoric. If the provincial government were serious about caribou recovery, it would be taking immediate steps to protect caribou habitat, at least in the interim.

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    [-] Lexxie

    Wolves need just as much protection as Caribou. If you get rid of Wolves, the balance of everything will be upset. Habitat degradation is the problem, not predators – look at what happened when Wolves were removed from Yellowstone.

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    [-] Maurizio

    Program level principles should focus on key issues only. In this case – Saving Caribou herds in BC. References included in the BC Caribou Recovery program already identify human activities as the critical reason for caribou herd threatened status. It is critical that active land management restricting all human interference and impact, and rectification of 'damaged' habitat, be implemented as soon as possible. A complete moratorium, similar to the shutting of the Cod fishery, will provide the necessary environment for herds to stabilize and recover.

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    [-] anne-marie

    We need to look beyond just the cariboo population and looks at the food web as a whole

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    [-] anne-marie

    Committing to live within our means deserves it's own category. This work must be done at the international level and be well understood by everybody. We will need more than $50 million for this to be a principle that has weight. It feels like it needs more attention.

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    [-] Matt

    These are all great principles but the last principle is unclear. Who is living within their means? The program? Is this just another way of saying 'work within our budget and manage public funds responsibly"?

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