4.3 Information Management

A well-planned and organized system to manage information is key to the success of the new Caribou Recovery Plan. Good information management is important because the reasons behind decisions on caribou management plans are multiple and complex, and can involve several government and public  groups.

The Caribou Recovery Program will develop a central storehouse of field reports, traditional knowledge and other vital details that are used to make decisions. It will include past and current information. Caribou recovery information will be available to government scientists and managers, to the wider scientific community, industry, non-government organizations and the public.

As the database grows, caribou program information will be made available to the public online, to foster public awareness, citizen science and involvement.

5 responses to “4.3 Information Management

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    [-] Bryce

    Public awareness is key. If more people were aware of what is going on they will be more likely to voice their concerns.

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    [-] Denise

    Couldn't agree more.

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    [-] Clinton

    What exactly is "citizen science"?

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    [-] Alex

    There needs to be regular scientific updates to the public (strategies tried, results, etc) and regular contact between government biologists and the media. Too often the caribou story is highjacked by NGOs that have their own agendas. If people are unaware of the issues the province faces and what their government is doing, it is hard for people to show political support.

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    [-] Scott

    Be sure to invest resources wisely – on effective solutions that positively impact caribou populations. Good information, transparency and public access is great, but let’s be sure to put wildlife first in all this and be careful to not burn up our limited resources in places that are unable to produce tangible results. It is not the caribou recovery plan that will save caribou but rather taking the appropriate actions.

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