4.5 Performance Management (Or Measuring our Efforts)

One important to have centralized program information is to measure and evaluate the program performance. Initially, performance management will build consistency across program work and link actions to our common objectives for caribou recovery. We will identify metrics (things to measure) and apply them to track our progress toward program objectives.

Over time, managers will be able to assess the benefit of the program work and, where warranted, adapt their actions to improve results. Assessing how well we do our work will also enable the Province to transparently demonstrate to the public the effectiveness of our work in caribou recovery.

5 responses to “4.5 Performance Management (Or Measuring our Efforts)

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    [-] Clinton

    The government needs to clearly define the metrics it is trying achieve in regards to each herd. The objective of "self sustaining herd" is not clear.

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    [-] Janice

    The gov't is good at putting all these great plans on paper, and yet you can't even do that properly. I have seen several grammatical errors/typos throughout some of these pages. So, if you can't even review your work at this stage, how can we have faith and trust in your review of further work and reporting?

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    [-] Pierre

    The only way to measure performance that would be of any significance to the public is to demonstrate that not only these herds are on the way to restoration but that they are improving. Failure is likely and performance reviews should be honest and say it: if the herd is doomed, then it is.

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    [-] Matt

    This statement is fine, what is the time frame for these assessments? What are the target? How often does the Province anticipate evaluating performance? What action will be taken if the work is ineffective and performance is negative? Will there be mechanisms to move towards increasingly stringent regulations to ensure objectives are met? I would hope these details are developed quickly at the start of the program.

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    [-] Scott

    Keep firmly focused on effectiveness. Caribou are running out of time – we must swiftly engage in the execution of solutions that produce measurable improvements to caribou populations. The metric used should be increased caribou populations.

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