4.6 Reporting

The first caribou recovery report will be published in Spring 2018 with annual reports published every year after that. Program details and results will be available to the public at the Caribou Recovery Program website.

4 responses to “4.6 Reporting

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    [-] Bryce

    Great to hear there will be transparency on this. Too often, reports have been hard to find for the general public, hiding what has really been going on.

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    [-] Janice

    Again, sounds good on paper now, but will you actually report transparently when you allow an LNG operation and/or pipeline to decimate a herd?

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    [-] Brian

    I can not find the caribou recovery report from the spring of 2018? Where can I find it?

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    [-] Scott

    As stakeholders, we value having an opportunity to contribute. We are encouraged by seeing our local, first-hand knowledge incorporated into the most recent report. It has been presented in a straight-forward and understandable format.

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