7.3 Stakeholder Relationships and Partnerships

B.C. has a long history of formal and informal relationships with a range of stakeholders to work on caribou conservation. The Caribou Recovery Program will develop a more formal, consistent way to keepĀ  our conversations and partnerships going with these groups, but also retain the flexibility to deal with their unique concerns.

We will explore the creation of a B.C.-wide stakeholder organization. They may be invited to comment on reports, help with funding programs, or help usĀ  engage with communities and industry members.


We also recognize the Caribou Recovery Program depends a great deal on strong partnerships, with a host of participants: First Nations, environmental NGOs, recreation and resource sectors, communities and governments. We rely on partners to deliver some or all of the caribou recover actions. All of our work will be more successful in a spirit of open collaboration, and with a robust partnership program.

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    [-] Heather

    In BC lobbyists have a history of making HUGE political donations to the Liberal Party and Ministers involved in wildlife issues. A review of how stakeholders influence decision making should be undertaken with recommendations to assure the electorate that this can never happens again.

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