7.4 Communication and Outreach to the Public

We will provide more information to the public and other interested parties about our work. In addition, we will help the public share their feedback with us.

As we refine our communications plans, we will ask our stakeholder groups what kinds of information they need, and their preferred method of communication. We will expand our list of interested parties. We will refine or update our information and engagement tools, including:

  • A web-based library of scientific, research, monitoring and progress reports, and other data
  • Interactive mapping capability
  • Outreach materials (portable signs, brochures, contact cards)
  • Participation in public events (community events, conferences, trade shows)
  • Annual program progress report
  • Caribou recovery team hosted regular update calls for Indigenous groups, communities, environmental groups, industry, and other stakeholders
  • Annual program progress report

4 responses to “7.4 Communication and Outreach to the Public

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    [-] Denise

    Public outreach and education is key especially in communities where the survival of caribou will impact timber supply and recreation.

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    [-] Rael

    I live in Florida and visited the area specifically for the wildlife, hoping to find tracks or wolves. Please consider using tourism to educate and obtain funds to help rebalance the wolf population. They are precious to me and my friends and we plan on going back to hike and enjoy the wildlife and hopefully hear some wolves howling.

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    [-] Victor

    I support increased communication and the incorporation of web based tools.

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    [-] Mark

    Communication should be accomplished by a "real time" dashboard available to the public tracking populations and habitat alterations. legislation needs to specify when something is know there is a legal time frame win which the information must be communicated to the public

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