7. Engaging the Community

The Caribou Recovery Program plan may impact many communities and sectors. Keeping the public and our partners informed will be important to the success of the program.

Working with communities must happen on many levels, be collaborative, and ongoing. We will:

  • Communicate plans and progress to the public
  • Pursue the public’s ideas and concerns and consider them in our decisions
  • Develop partnerships in caribou herds plans
  • Educate wilderness users and all B.C. citizens and raise awareness

5 responses to “7. Engaging the Community

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    [-] Danny

    I think that this has not happened for a long time. Even when it is included in a plan like this, this follow up with local communities and people that are adjacent to these area has fallen short at best. This MUST happen this time around.

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    [-] Bronwen

    Population recovery targets must meet the threshold of self-sustaining caribou populations across B.C.
    herds, including levels consistent to meet the needs of First Nations, Treaty and non-Treaty.

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    [-] Cori

    You need to listen to the quiet voices. The loud voices of the snowmobile clubs, forestry sector, mining sector, environmental lobby etc., tend to get listened to, while the average person does not respond to questions and surveys because they have given up that anyone is listening. This is always the challenge in any public consultation process. Try something new- do a random phone survey or email survey. Go to established town hall meetings and ask what people think. Talk to the golfers, the ranchers, the small business people, the city workers. Go to coffee shops. Don't just rely on social media- many older folks who have seen the changes happen in their lifetimes aren't on social media. This takes work to get it right.

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    [-] Victor

    Would like to see a round table approach where legitimate interests are represented. A round table should include First Nations, NGOs, experts, scientists, the public sector and industry. Represented interests should be BC based, provincial in nature and non-governmental organizations should be involved in on the ground conservation and stewardship projects

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    [-] Sarah

    I came across this survey by accident while researching caribou for my own interests sake. When an important survey or communication around decisions impacting our ecosystem is open for public knowledge and input there needs to be effort to put the information out to the general residents of the province. I'm talking about radio, news, commercials, social media campaign. The average person doesn't think about visiting this website for the heck of it. Reach out to the people beyond those who have interests in growing their business profits and if advertising money is a concern again I say make those industries that are responsible for putting us in this mess pay for the advertising and engagement.

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