For thousands of years, herds of Woodland Caribou have roamed British Columbia contributing to the Province’s rich biodiversity and ecosystems. With its stately antlers and majestic grace, the caribou is a nationally recognized and treasured symbol of the beauty of the north.
Caribou are conditioned to thrive in the most severe environmental conditions. Despite this, new challenges have brought about significant change to their habitat causing their livelihood to be in jeopardy. In the last century, the number of caribou in B.C. has declined from 40,000 to less than 19,000. The Province has started to take action to protect Woodland Caribou, but more needs to be done to conserve this culturally significant and iconic species for future generations.
This discussion paper serves as a resource document to provide you with background information to help you understand the unique challenges and opportunities of Woodland Caribou conservation efforts. Your input will help us to create a Caribou Recovery Program.
The Caribou Recovery Program will consider ways to reduce threats to caribou, while balancing the needs of all British Columbians, including Indigenous communities, industry and recreation enthusiasts. We look forward to hearing your ideas.
Honourable Doug Donaldson
Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development