The provincial government is embarking on a vigorous new campaign to restore and conserve woodland caribou in British Columbia, and we want you to participate.
The Caribou Recovery Program is a long-term commitment that will include all B.C. caribou herds in a comprehensive and uniform approach to conservation, based on traditional knowledge and science. The province has already committed to $27 million to ensure a strong start.
We are doing this now for several reasons.
Despite the province’s efforts over the years, many  of B.C.’s 54 caribou herds are in decline. At the same time, challenges faced by caribou continue to  grow, including:

  • climate change effects
  • continued interest by industry and recreational sectors to access caribou regions, and
  • changes to caribou habitats.

The Province is also committed to implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. These will have important influence on how we achieve caribou conservation.
Finally, the federal government is initiating conservation efforts for caribou under the authority  of the federal Species at Risk Act. The province is expected to reduce threats to caribou herds and  their critical habitat. At the same time, we must try   to balance sustainable stewardship of the herds with the needs and interests of British Columbians. All these factors will guide our actions.
This Caribou Recovery Program discussion paper details the challenges and opportunities  that lay before us as we work toward recovery and sustainable stewardship of B.C.’s woodland caribou. This paper highlights many of those actions. The discussion paper will be reviewed in an engagement period with First Nations and interested  groups.
We value your knowledge, your experiences, and your ideas. Let us know what you think, if we have missed anything.

What happens to your feedback

Your ideas will be reflected in the final paper that we are targeting for spring 2019.